I am a puppet Sculptor, Model Maker and Assistant Animator who has worked on feature films and commercials.  From May to September 2017, I worked as a Puppet Department Junior and Additional Animator on Chuck Steel Night of the Trampires in South Wales.  In June of 2018 I underwent a three week internship at Aardman Animations where I worked on developing several short animated segments.  In recent months, I have worked with the A+C Studio on a variety of commercial projects.


I have experience in puppet fabrication utilizing Tin Cure and Platinum Cure Silicone, Urethane Resins, Latex and Plaster.  I also have skills working in; puppet design, armature construction (silver soldering), casting, moulding, painting and video editing in Premier Pro and After Effects.


Previous professional experience includes; Sculpting, Model-Making, Animating, Miniature Sculpting, Acting and Children's Entertaining.